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Question Undefined type 

Forum: Biasing and Scoring
Date: 22 Nov, 2015
From: Robert Nnaemeka <Robert Nnaemeka>

I am implementing an array of NaI detector (six in all). So I have a six variable named dEdX1 - dEdX6 for collecting the energy deposit in each detectors in my stepping action header file and a corresponding six function that is called by the event action to get the the value they contain at the end of each event. My stepping action included file is shown below:

#ifndef B4aSteppingAction_h
#define B4aSteppingAction_h 1

#include "G4UserSteppingAction.hh"

/// Stepping action class. /// /// In UserSteppingAction() there are collected the energy deposit and track /// lengths of charged particles in Absober and Gap layers and /// updated in B4aEventAction.

class B4aSteppingAction : public G4UserSteppingAction
   G4double dEdX1;
   G4double dEdX2;
   G4double dEdX3;
   G4double dEdX4;
   G4double dEdX5;
   G4double dEdX6;

  virtual ~B4aSteppingAction();

  virtual void UserSteppingAction(const G4Step* step);
    G4double GetdEdX1() { return dEdX1; }
  G4double GetdEdX2() { return dEdX2; }
   G4double GetdEdX3() { return dEdX3; }
  G4double GetdEdX4() { return dEdX4; }
   G4double GetdEdX5() { return dEdX5; }
  G4double GetdEdX6() { return dEdX6; }
  void Reset();




However, when I ran my simulation I get a complaint that G4double in G4double = dEdX1, etc does not name a type. I even used G4int and G4float to see if I can get around it but it will always complain that those datatypes do not name a type. I am suspecting my compiler is crashing or something connected with it. I would appreciate any help.

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