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Re: Question How score Kinetic Energy? (lu luo)
Date: 04 May, 2010
From: Ibrahim <Ibrahim>


If yout just want to record the energy of gamma particles passing through a volume(water for instance) using Scoring functionality, I suggest you can use the example RE03, it is one of the Geant 4 examples in the "Run and Event" folder. It will enable you to record and measure the energy deposition in each pixel of your detector. i hope that it will help.

kind regards


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Question Re: How score Kinetic Energy?  by lu luo <lu luo>,   04 May, 2010
Re: None Re: How score Kinetic Energy? (Ibrahim)
Hi Ibrahym

Yes, i've already studied this example to understand how to use Scorer functionalities. But energyDeposit function will record the sum of binding energy + electron Kinetic energy, and if the phantom isn't enough dense, electrons created by photoelectric effect for instance could cover a certain distance before to be absorbed, so the (spatial)information(eDep)recorded in the detector is not correct.

In addition, if a gamma particle doesn't react at the exit of the phantom(where i would like to record the gamma energy, i cannot use energyDeposit function.

Until then, i've used a Lead wall(to be sure gamma with be absorded) placed behind the phantom and i used the energyDeposit function of scoring. But it stil a indirect method.

It seems "Scoring" cannot record Kinetic energy directly. Do you have any idea how i can extract this information?

Thanks again,


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