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Question Why cannot proton cross sections with the G4EmLivermorePhysics be biased??? 

Forum: Biasing and Scoring
Date: 17 Mar, 2015
From: <LoongDaoo>

Dear experts,

I want to bias the proton elastic and inelastic cross sections using the scheme in the example GB01 in Geant4.10.1,and it can be achieved by adding process restrictions in the function GB01BOptrMultiParticleChangeCrossSection::ProposeOccurenceBiasingOperation() when the physicslist is QGSP_BIC_HP.But if I replace the G4EmStandardPhysics included in QGSP_BIC_HP with the more precise G4EmLivermorePhysics, the above function Propose...Operation will not be called in my simulation, so the biasing function can not be realized. And I find that as long as LivermorePhysics or other Em physics except the G4EmStandardPhysics appear in the physicslist, it will not be called. I register the LivermorePhysics through three methods:
(1)G4PhysListFactory factory;
G4VModularPhysicsList* physicsList = factory.GetReferencePhysList("FTFP_BERT_HP_LIV");
(2)QGSP_BIC_HP* physicsList = new QGSP_BIC_HP;
physicsList->ReplacePhysics(new G4EmLivermorePhysics());
(3)using G4VModularPhysicsList to create a physicslist including LivermorePhysics
All of them fail to realize the biasing proton cross section function. However, it is ok when biasing the neutron cross sections with the above biasing scheme and physicslist change. So what is the problem? Why neutron is ok, but proton isn't? Why G4EmStandardPhysics is ok, but G4EmLivermorePhysics is not?

Any assistance would be greatful! Many thanks in advance!

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to: "Why cannot proton cross sections with the G4EmLivermorePhysics be biased???"

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