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None GDML, Sensitive detectors and primitive scorers 

Forum: Biasing and Scoring
Date: 05 Jan, 2015
From: <ZachB>


So right now I am working on a simulation that uses GDML, sensitive detectors and primitive scorers trying to make them all play nicely with each other. So, couple of questions.

1. Is it possible for a primitive scorer to be used when the geometry is defined as a GDML file? Right now I have

void ConstructSDandField(){
  detect = new G4MultiFunctionalDetector("centerMTC");
  G4VPrimitiveScorer* fluxPrimitiveCenter = new G4PSFlatSurfaceFlux("SurfFlux1", 1, 30);
  SetSensitiveDetector("mtcV" , detect);

where mtcV is the auxilirary information attached to the volume I'm interested in.

2. I am using the sensitive detector and as such I needed to define my own hits class. If I am using my own hits class, can I use the primitive scorer class with my own hits class or does this cause other issues?

My main issue is that the flux is never accumulating. Particles are passing through the main volume but they are never being counted in the flux scorer. I am implementing my own run class to accumulate the data for the flux scorer. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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