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Forum: Biasing and Scoring
Re: Question G4PSDoseDeposit and G4PSEnergyDeposit classes (Nesin Menduev)
Date: 21 Jan, 2010
From: Makoto Asai <Makoto Asai>

Hi Nesin,

These values are given in Geant4 internal units.
To get the values in your favorite units, you need
to divide the values with the units. For example
for the dose deposit, you need to divide by "gray"
or any related unit of absorbed dose [L^2][T^-2].
These unit values are defined in=20

We are sorry for this inconvenience. We plan to
improve the usage of scorers by adding an argument
in its constructor and also a parameter in its
corresponding UI command to let the user define
the unit to be used for that particular scorer.
This improvement should be made in this year.

Makoto Asai

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Nesin Menduev []
> Sent: Thursday, January 21, 2010 6:58 AM
> To: biasing_scoring-g4hn
> Subject: G4PSDoseDeposit and G4PSEnergyDeposit classes
> *** Discussion title: Biasing and Scoring
> Hi , I kindly request comment about , when we use scoring and
> G4PSDoseDeposit and PSenergyDeposit and when we dump information about
> dose and energy deposit for a specified mesh region into file , what
> are
> the units for these both written data. Only numbers are written to
> file.I am a beginner of Geant4 so lock of experience.But I am
> understanding that there is inconsistency because when data for energy
> deposit in x y mesh is ( probably it is MeV) then data for dose
> deposited is 2.3e-26 ( this is crazy value , if we think that dose
> energy/kg ). So if energy dep, is 52 and dose dep. is 2.3e-26 then
> incredible amount of mass is there .But Not.So I need anybody just to
> tell me from his/her experience what a unit is given for dose deposit
> IN
> GEANT4 ( i know in general it is MeV/kg, but here it seem not to be
> so )
> Regards,
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