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None Command Based Scoring Returning Arbitrary Current 

Forum: Biasing and Scoring
Date: 01 Apr, 2014
From: Maxwell Dierken <Maxwell Dierken>

Hello Geant4 Users,

I am attempting to modify the exGPS example in /extended/eventgenerator to measure the current of gamma rays through a mesh using command based scoring. I am able to write measurements to a CSV file, but the measurements being returned should vary inversely with the square of the mesh's distance from the source, which it does not. From building and launching the application, I enter the following commands:

////To set up the gps

/gps/particle gamma

/gps/position 0 0 0 m

/gps/ang/type iso

/gps/energy 661. MeV

////To score the current

/score/create/boxMesh boxMesh1

/score/mesh/boxSize 0.02 0.02 0.002 m

/score/mesh/nBin 1 1 1

/score/mesh/translate/xyz 0. 0. [arbitrary distance] m

/score/quantity/nOfStep nOfStepGamma

/score/quantity/flatSurfaceCurrent flatSurfaceCurrent 1 true false

////To write current to a file

/score/dumpAllQuantitiesToFile boxMesh1 ScoreFILE


The application writes numbers for flatSurfaceCurrent and nOfStepGamma to the file, but the numbers make no statistical sense. for example in 8 runs of 1000 gammas emitted each, I will get a dataset like 32 19 25 24 40 31 29 26. Additionally, no matter how I change the distance from the mesh to the source, there is no proportional change in the numbers measured.

I am quite stumped here and any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Regards, M. Dierken

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