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Keywords: file, AIDA, histogramming
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Re: Sad How can I store data???? (Konstantinos Kousouris)
Date: 19 Mar, 2004
From: Guy Barrand <Guy Barrand>


 Then, now you seem to have a Geant4 program up and running, fine. Now, we
are going to assume that by "storing data" you mean book and fill histos or tuples
and save them in files to be able to visualize, or work on them latter.
  (Storing data may also mean store detector / tracks in a file.... which is a problem
not yet fully addressed by Geant4).

 If so then ; excatly as you have passed some time to install,  learn & understand Geant4
you need to pass some time to install, learn and understand how to work with an
AIDA complient tool. 
  You have said that you have tried to work with OpenScientist. Fine. But up to where
had you been able to go ?
- first classical question ; which version did you tried, on which platform ? The best
   would be to take the v12r0 released in December.
- is it fully working ? 
- Have you been able to operate the simple Lab_analysis example ?
- have you been abled to operate the default interactive Lab examples ? (in particular
  that opens the file produced by Lab_analyis tp produce some plots)
- did you jump in the Lab_analysis.cxx code to see how it looks ?

  The Lab_analysis example is fully using the AIDA interfaces. In it you  have simple
example that produces xml data files or files at the ROOT format (using Rio). 
About the ROOT format, in the last version of OpenScientist (v12r0) you can even
activate the streaming in a way compatible with ROOT (that is to say stream the histo
as TH1, so that they will be readable by ROOT (assuming that the ROOT file format
or the TH1 streaming did not change since Decemeber in ROOT itself....)

  If or when this will be understood and will work fine for you on your machine, you 
may start to think to put all together in you Geant4 program. In general you are going
to write you AIDA code that activates AIDA, books and fills you things, for example in you
eventAction if you want. To compile and link, you shall use the aida-config program that should
come with each AIDA compliant tool (in OpenScientist, ti comes within Lab). 
 You get the adequate compilation flags and the link options with :
     aida-config -cflags
     aida-config -linkopts
But, once more, with OpenScinetist, this assumes that you have a fully operational installation.
(In particular, after doing on your installation a "source setup.csh" within Lab/<version>/cmt,
you should be able to type : aida-config and get some answer).
  You can also have a look ath the example/extended/analysis/AnaEx01 that I know
to be working with OpenScientist/v12r0 (at least with geant4.6.0 released in Decemeber).

  Thats may be all what I can do for you for the moment. You must be aware
that puting altogether (even if not working with OpenScientist) is never a simple task ; in 
particular if you are alone to install and operate things on you own machine.
  Feel free to contact me directly, or through this channel, for help on OpenScientist
or on AIDA and Geant4 in particular.

    Bon courage

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