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None ioda / Android, iPhone-iPad, desktop / an app to visualize histograms and other kinds of data 

Forum: Analysis
Date: 28 Feb, 2011
From: Guy Barrand <Guy Barrand>


  This is to annouce here "ioda". The best for me is to first cut/paste
 the text that presents this "app" on the Apple AppStore and Android Market.

   ioda should be read "IO-DA", for Input/Output and for Data Analysis.
  It is a scientific application that permits to read files at various
  formats as FITS used in astronomy, AIDA and ROOT used in high energy
  physics (HEP), JPG format to store images and FOG developed at
  CEA/Saclay (France) to describe the LHC/ATLAS geometry. ioda permits
  to browse these files and visualize some of their data.

   For AIDA files, the histograms 1D, 2D, profiles 1D, 2D can be plotted.
  For ROOT files, ioda can plot TH[1,2][D,F] objects along than
  TProfile ones. For JPG files, the image is visualized. For FITS astronomy
  files, the "HDUs" can be listed and their keys can be seen. If the HDU
  is an IMAGE_HDU type, ioda attempts to visualize it as an image (which
  is one of the primary goal of the FITS format : store astronomical
  pictures). If the HDU is a BINARY_TBL, ioda shows a description of
  the columns (name, type) and proposes to histogram and plot a selected
  column. Files at the FOG CEA/Saclay format permit to visualize
  LHC/ATLAS sub detectors.

 The ioda web site is :

 For the moment it is a "1.1", then do not expect an astounding amount
 of functionalities. But it permits already to do some work and,
 most of all, to have a first big step in this new world that are
 the multi-touch screen phones and tablets (and also this new "Market / Store"
 way to straight distribute world-wide an application).

 ioda had been built with the "inlib/exlib" that are "pure header"
 C++ libraries. As these two sets of code can be used, very easily,
 in a standalone way for various purposes as histogramming, fitting,
 plotting, visualization, reading root and aida files, they are delivered
 in a standalone file. The inlib/exlib web pages can
 be accessed from the ioda pages (from "inlib / exlib" at the bottom left),
 or straight from :

 Since being "pure header" code, inlib/exlib does not need
 an extra "build and install" pass to be used ! Simply unzip
 somewhere the and put in your build system the "-I"
 toward the directory where you have unzipped the file. See
 the Usage and Example sections of the inlib/exlib web pages
 for explanations. (inlib/exlib is probably the most simple
 C++ toolkit around to install and program with for doing
 histograms and get some plots).

 ioda and inlib/exlib are related to Geant4 since ioda can be used
 to visualize histograms put in .aida and .root files produced by some
 of the Geant4 examples ; and this perhaps even right now on
 your... phone or iPad ! On a desktop you can also use the exlib to do
 some visualization of Geant4 geometries and trajectories
 (see the inlib/exlib "Geant4" section for an example with A01).
 Obviously the inlib/histos can also be used in your Geant4
 application to create histograms and save them in a .aida file
 (see inlib/exlib "Write/read an AIDA XML file") (and there are
 bridges to read them back from CERN-ROOT, see inlib/exlib "CERN-ROOT").

 And then if "one day" (in some remote future ?) the port of CLHEP and Geant4
 kernel would be done on Android and iOS, then you would
 have already at hand, by using the inlib/exlib, some basement
 to build your own "G4 app" deliverable through the AppStore and
 Android Market.

 Note that the inlib/histos are not AIDA compliants and inlib/exlib
 can't be seen as an AIDA implementation. For that, osc_batch
 is still our AIDA implementation. (As for ioda, the inlib/exlib
 is going to be intensively used as a handy "core foundation" layer
 for the further releases of osc_batch/osc_vis). (see inlib/exlib "AIDA"
 for more explanations).



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