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None An extra difficulty related to the fact that CL.EXE and g++ are both used. 

Forum: Analysis
Re: Question Outputtting A01 via OpenScientist (Wonmo)
Date: 28 May, 2010
From: Guy Barrand <Guy Barrand>

  People continue to stumble on problems because of an extra difficulty.

  That is to say even with a "call setup" of an osc_batch kit for Windows/VC
 done before going to CYGWIN, people fall now on message related to the AIDA path,
 but coming now from the computation of dependancies !

  There is a tricky situation here. It appears that despite that you ask
 to build by using VisualC++ (then having G4SYSTEM set to WIN32-VC)
 the dependancies are anyway done with... g++ ! (With g++ -M).
 And then it is now the /I<drive>:\..\... syntax which is not understood
 by "g++ -M". In fact there is two compilers around and each with its own syntax
 to pass the includes and libs paths.

  But it appears (miracle !) that there is a syntax which is understood
 by both g++ and CL.EXE. it is by having "a mix" -I<drive>:\..\... That is to
 say the "-I" of g++ (understood by CL.EXE) and the WIndows path syntax
 (understood by g++).

  I had put some time ago some code in config/analysis.gmk to do the substitution
 automatically (in case of G4SYSTEM WIN32-VC) (then to change /I to -I and /LIBPATH
 to -libpath) in what is returned by 'aida-config --include' and 'aida-config --libs'.
 But this code is conditionned by the fact that the variables :
are set (to whatever).

  Then in order to pass, there is an extra ansatz to do : unset the two upper
 env variables,  or check / set that they have the "mixed syntax" described upper. (Hell).

  At least I am going to modify my "AIDA, G4 and Windows" section in my pages for that...

  Not clear how to fix that cleanly "forever". If the two variables are set from the
 configure script, something as to be done so that in the setup scripts substitutions
 are done so that we finish in these two variables with the "mixed syntax".

  (Hard to ask, that by default for the Windows/CL versions, the aida-config returns the
  -I -libpath syntax of g++ ! Another solution would be to have for an extra option passed
  to aida-config so that the mixed syntax be returned. :-( ).

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to: "An extra difficulty related to the fact that CL.EXE and g++ are both used."

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