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None osc_A2R kit for Windows. 

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Re: None The osc_A2R kit. Converting AIDA histos 1D, 2D to TH1D, 2D to plot them in a TCanvas. (Guy Barrand)
Date: 26 May, 2010
From: Guy Barrand <Guy Barrand>

   As I feel some frustrations from the few remaining people that use Windows (and CERN-ROOT),
 I have done the build_A2R.bat to build the A2R.dll for Windows.

   Pick up the under 16.11 :   26-May-2010 10:34 17K
 and follow the README. (Things concerning Windows are related to "DOS>" lines).

  (the "old one" of yesterday had been put under "backup").

  I have done things with :
   - Windows-XP / VC7
   - osc_batch 16.11 Windows_NT/CL binary kit
   - CERN-ROOT/5.27.02 binary ("tar" installation).

  As it does not seem to have a root-config.exe program for Windows
 (right ? at least none found in the kit I brought), I have put "by hand" 
 the compilations and link commands by assuming that ROOTSYS is defined.

  The build_A2R.bat is rather simple, if having problem here,
 jump in it and have a try by modify it.

  To compile the output of rootcint (G__A2R.cpp), I had a lot of "4800" warnings.
 I have simply put a /wd4800 to "carpet hide" them. (Hell, I start to become a ROOT
 developer !). If someone knows how to remove properly these warnings...

  (Compare to the version of yesterday, A2R.C had been renamed A2R_read.C
 to be consistent with the A2R_write.C)

  Else I have done a section "AIDA and CERN-ROOT" in my pages about A2R.
 (Not yet updated for the WIndows build, I am going to do that... now) (ok, after lunch).



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