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Question Analysis with Geant4,cygwin,MVS.Net,JAIDA-3.2.1,AIDAJNI-3.2.0 

Forum: Analysis
Date: 21 Sep, 2009
From: Elin Aronsen <Elin Aronsen>

I have a problem in running Geant4.8.2.p01 on Windows XP with cygwin, MVS .NET 2003, JAVA, JAIDA and AIDAJNI. The plan is to take 1Dhistogram files created when running the extended example with added selected trajectories in into JAS3 for further adding of several histograms (from many runs). But the problem arrived that the program created only the HistoManager.o file (may be when booking at the begin of the run), but I never located any hbook uncompressed file containing the necessary histogram. The program runs without error messages and without creating the wanted file. It seems that the program is filling the histogram all right in the file as I get written out from there indicating that the histogram ID (exist(ID) has the boolean value true).But then nothing more happens. Further I did not manage to set the directory histoDir using command /testem/histo/ as given in the file. The guidance did not help me and there was no feedback when trying to give some directory path. I am not sure if it should be necessary to set the directory since no .mac file and no example is actually setting the directory in the TestEm3 or any other example. I hope that you can help me. May be that also some lines in the file could set the directory.I am using the extended
example TestEm3 mostly with only selected as trajectories those being reflected from the metal sheet.

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