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Re: Question OpenScientist version for Ubuntu 8.04.1 (Angela Intermite)
Date: 10 Dec, 2008
From: Guy Barrand <Guy Barrand>

   Hello Angela  

  I have released an OSC 16.8 and in principle
 I have done modifications to build on an ubuntu.
 (Done on a virtual machine by using VirtualBox on my Mac).

 osc_batch kit :
  The construction of the osc_batch kit went fine since
 being standalone over C++. Only some warnings
 to correct coming from the 4.2.4 (up so fare 
 I compiled only up to 4.0.1 on my Mac).

  I remember that the osc_batch kit are targeted
 to create histos and tuples, fill them and save them
 in files at various formats. And this by using 
 the AIDA API. No GUI and graphics here. 
 I have strongly revisited my web pages, 
 and the "First AIDA program" and "AIDA and Geant4"
 sections should permit to start quickly for that. 
 (Things are more "tutorial" and "how to" oriented now).

 osc_vis kit :
  More things had to be done to run on ubuntu.
 Mainly because, contrary to the Scientific Linuxes, the X11 libs 
 are not under /usr/X11R6/lib but are "returned back"
 under /usr/lib. I had to change things in my build system
 to detect that automatically. In fact it seems that
 X11 "being back" under /usr/lib is also what is done
 on Fedoras. Then the modifs in the build done
 for ubuntu should works also for a build from
 source of the osc_vis 16.8.

  For the binaries then I have put the two :

 that I have built on my virtual machine. 4.2.4 is
 what I get with apt-get and is a little bit ahead 
 to your 4.2.3. You can try anyway. If not working
 try to build from source (or attempt to upgrade
 a bit your compiler :-) )

  For infos, to rebuild the osc_vis from source
 with all the drivers, I had to install 
   o g++ (that was not here by default from the ubuntu from VirtualBox).
   o OpenMotif suite : (it is the default GUI of an osc_vis).
     libxt-dev, libxmu-dev, libxext-dev, libxp-dev, 
     libxpm-dev, libxi-dev.
   o OpenGL : libglu1, libosmesa6-dev
   o python-dev (2.5.2).
   o libqt4-dev (4.3.4)
   o libgtk1.2-dev, gtkglarea5-dev.
   o libsdl1.2-dev, libcurl4-gnutls-dev.

 (Only the OpenMotif and OpenGL suite is in fact needed
 by default to do some visualization for Geant4
 by using the osc-g4-vis program and related tools (see below)). 

 By using the Synaptic GUI to apt-get, you can 
 select all the uppers and ask to install at once. It
 went nice for me. (Synaptic is found for me under 
 the desktop menu :
 "System/Administration/Synaptic package manager")

 osc-g4-vis :
  Concerning Geant4, the 16.8 comes with a new 
 little (but important) program, the :
 It permits to instrument automatically 
 some of the G4 examples (today the novices, A01, 
 AnaEx01, head of exgps and exrdm now)
 to have a high level GUI and graphics
 (done by using Inventor / coin3d) targeted for G4.
 In principle with that you should be able
 to have in a swift : 
 - a default wire frame visualization.
 - manipulate it with the nice Inventor 3D viewer.
 - a tree widget to see the geometry.
 - choose a PV (PhysicalVolume) in the tree and visualize it.
 - strat a run with the mouse or with G4 commands.
 - see the trajectories
 - pick all that and have some feedback infos.
 - loop on events (and see them flashing around).
 - produce PS, VRML or inventor files.
 but also in case of doing some AIDA histos
 and tuples (for exa with A01, TestEm1) :
 - plot the histograms within the same GUI.
 - see the histos to be filled on line.
 - manipulate the tuple with the TupleExplorer.
 - build some views that mix volumes with plots.

  The program modifies the G4 local GNUmakefile
 and the main to do what is needed. Whence
 applied, it is sufficient to simply rebuild
 the exa with make and run. (Nothing else
 to learn). The program should work
 also at once on other user programs that are
 clones of some of the mentionned examples.

  See the page "osc-g4-vis" for more, then at :

(there is a lot of pictures too)

 Let me know in case of problems.



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