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Re: Question exRDM exaple and histogramming. (Vladimir Kulikovskiy)
Date: 12 Dec, 2008
From: Guy Barrand <Guy Barrand>

  Hello Vladimir

 Just to say that I had a review with the author of exrdm concerning the AIDA part
and we have corrected various things that were not correct concerning the usage
of AIDA. In particular now the program holds in case of doing multiple runs within
the same session.

 Then if you have access to the G4 repository it could be fine to have a try by using 
the head of exRDM. If you think you have problems with the visualization
you can attempt to build and run by setting the env variable G4VIS_NONE to 1 that
disconnect it at all. When convinced that the example is ok for you by using only the 
G4 kernel + AIDA then you may attempt to run by restoring the vis later.

 Else concerning OpenScientist (that were not in the things you tried :-( Snif )
then you can attempt to use the "osc_batch kit" which is something very light
(without any interactive things) that should permit you to write files at
the .hbook, . root, .aida formats. (See )
I have binary kits for it. If you platform is not too exotic you may try a binary kit.

 I have released this week an OSC 16.8. I have strongly revisited the 
web pages that are more "tutorial" and "how to" oriented now and have
dedicated sections concerning AIDA and AIDA and Geant4.

 In particular the review of AIDA in exRDM (along the one done on exGPS and others)
had been done with this release. Then I am interested in feebacks of others
with exRDM (then taken at head)  here.



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