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None GammaRayTel - ANALYSIS with anaphe 

Keywords: example analysis anaphe
Forum: Analysis
Date: 18 Sep, 2002
From: mario alemi <>

Hallo, I've installed geant4.4.1 on RedHat 7.3 compiling all with gcc-2.95.3. Everything works. Then I tried to compile the example GammaRayTelescope with G4ANALYSIS_USE and G4ANALYSIS_USE_NTUPLE=1. After having installed redhat72/gcc-2.95.2/4.0.5 the compilation went smoothly except a message

------------------------------------------------ /usr/local/lhcxx/specific/redhat72/gcc-2.95.2/4.0.5/lib// the use of `tempnam' is dangerous, better use `mkstemp' -------------------------------------------------

But the program crashes just after the message:

------------------------------------------ .... Analysis Factory for AIDA version 2.2 Visualization Manager instantiating... Visualization Manager initialising... Registering graphics systems... Segmentation fault ---------------------------------------------

The first thing I did was to comment out in

LINE 134: plotter->show();

where the program seemed to crash. Nevertheless the problem remains and the program still crashes, just at some unknown point later:-)

If it can be useful: on my account at CERN it works, and I have noticed, with ltrace, this difference on the first time the message Real-time appears:

# > ltrace GammaRayTel
MY WORKSTATION                               CERN
.....                               .....
pthread_mutex_unlock(...) = 0       pthread_mutex_unlock(...) = 0         
XextFindDisplay(...) = 0            --- (NONE) (Real-time signal 0)
XextAddDisplay() = 0x08110830       breakpointed at 0x2e857dca (?)
--- 0 (Real-time signal 0)          --- (NONE) (Real-time signal 0)
breakpointed at 0x444122e4 (?)      breakpointed at 0x2e857dca (?)
--- SIGSEGV (Segmentation fault)    --- SIGCONT (Continued)
+++ killed by SIGSEGV +++           --- (NONE) (Real-time signal 0)
                                    breakpointed at 0x2e857dca (?)

As this *seems* to be the last problem (never say never...) I would really appreciate any help!

Thank you in advance,

Mario Alemi

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