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Re: Question Lost in OpenScientist installation (Alain Ferragut)
Date: 18 Jun, 2002
From: Guy Barrand <Guy Barrand>

    Hello Alain

>  Hi, I try to install OpenScientist on my LinuxMandrake8.1 system. 
> It seems that the rpm package does not work on such system, 
> as it was pointed out on LAL web site. 

  The rpm of OSC-v8 contains binaries built on a RedHat-6.1 and it happens
 that they do not work even on a RedHat-7.2 !!! Then I can't imagine
 the result on a SuSE or a Mandrake....
  In fact, trying to build ONE binary tarball for all Linuxes is perhaps
 a myth....

>  Therefore, I try to install OpenScientist/v8 from scratch but 
> it is not straightforward...

  Right. By principle, OpenScientist relies massively 
 on other open source software.

> Any help would be highly appreciated. 
> Let me start at the beginning. 
> I have all required packages installed : python2.1, mesa, freetype, 
> motif, CLHEP1.7.0.0. Except CLHEP, all packages are rpm
>  rebuilt from my Linux distribution or from web (motif). 
> I rebuilt CLHEP from scratch and it works well with my G4 kernel. 
> Therefore, I assume all the
>  "basic" packages are well installed. 


> I untarred OSC-v8 file from a directory located at $HOME/OSC/v8. 
> I've just created this directory for this purpose.
>  Therefore, I declared $HOME/OSC/v8 as the root in the script, 
> which is located in OpenScientist/v8/install. Since I want to use G4, I
>  included the G4packages in the packs='<package names>' variable. 
> I uncommented the necessary lines of this script in order 
> to use these packages. 

> The CMT package is rebuilt and seems ok. 

  Ok. This is an essential step. To test that CMT is working, goes
 under any OSC/<Pack>/<version>/cmt directory and try by hand some 
       UNIX> cmt show uses
 and   UNIX> cmt config

  "cmt show uses" will show the dependancies. In particular
 it will lead you to the "Interfaces" package that you have to 
 customize in order to address properly the "native" installation
 of "external" packages (OpenGL, etc...). Don't worry, you don't 
 have to customize all the 30 interface packages !

> Now comes the interface configuration and the installation of the other packages. Basically, I have some problems to understand what I have to change 
> in the requirements files. 
> What does "macro" mean? For instance, 

  Ok. Here, I can lead you directly to the CMT doc... but
 I can explain a little bit anyway on the OpenGL case. 
 The "macros" are directive to CMT to build the makefiles.  
 For example in CMT/mgr/requirements, you will find the "macro" 
 cppflags that permits to customize the c++ compilation flags. 
 Each package can modify the various macros or redifine new ones 
 if needed.
  In particular, a macro like :
 willl be automatically added to the global cppflags macro.
 Then, for exa, in Interfaces/OpenGL/<version>/requirements
 the macro :
     macro OpenGL_cflags "-I${OpenGL_home}/include" WIN32 ""
 permits to increment the macro "cflags" to include the
 include path for OpenGL.
  The macro OpenGL_home, is local to the "Interfaces" OpenGL
 package. It permits to customize the location of the "native"
   To customize, you can "add" something to a macro. In fact
 you can "add" according to you site (for exa SLAC), like that :

macro OpenGL_home "/usr" \
            WIN32 ""\
              LAL "/lal/Mesa/3.2/${CMTCONFIG}" \
             FNAL "/tmp_root/733/lal_1/lal/Mesa/3.2/${CMTCONFIG}" \
             CERN "/afs/"
             SLAC "path where Mesa is installed at SLAC"

  If in you environment, you set CMTSITE to "SLAC", cmt will
 gather things in the "macro" according the "SLAC" cmt "tag".

  etc, etc, etc, etc....

> I have my OpenGL include files
>  (glu.h..etc) located in /usr/X11R6/include/GL. 
> The libraries are located in /usr/X11R6/lib. 
> What do I have to write in the requirement file of OpenGL package ? 

  Something like :
macro OpenGL_home "/usr/X11R6"
macro OpenGL_cppflags "-I${OpenGL_home}/include"
macro OpenGL_linkopts "-L${OpenGL_home}/lib -lGLU -lGL -lm"\

 or if you define you own "CMTSITE" to be for exa "Alain" :
macro OpenGL_home "/usr" \
            WIN32 ""\
              LAL "/lal/Mesa/3.2/${CMTCONFIG}" \
             FNAL "/tmp_root/733/lal_1/lal/Mesa/3.2/${CMTCONFIG}" \
             CERN "/afs/"\
            Alain "/usr/X11R6"

  As time is passing, we try to have as much as possible
 the default value of the macros to take "standard" values.
 In fact for OpenGL, now the Linuxes distribution seem to converge
 on having OpenGL under /usr/X11R6 ; then we will have probably
 to modify the default now.

> Should I edit all the requirement files for all the packages or 
> just some of them ? 
  No, some of them.

  Note that some package, like OnX, have a hell of "drivers" that
 has too much "use <something>" that induces too much Interfaces
 to edit.
  For example OnX have tcl, kuip, cint, Xt, Win, gtk, Qt drivers.
 But in general Python and Xt(Motif) are sufficient. Then 
 comment (with a #) all the unecessary "use". It will drastically
 shorten things to customize.

> I already tried to rebuild all the packages I need, but it was
>  catastrophic... Many warnings, many unknown files...
> No good. Thanks very much for any tips..! 
  99.99% of problems comes from a bad access to the "native" packages...

  Then, in order to start, you can try things over some "leaf"
 packages, like SoFree, HCL, Midnight, CINT and goes progressivly
 toward more tricky ones. Note that most of packages
 have some little applications that permits to do some
 intermediate testing.

  For Geant4, you will realize that, for exa the G4LabSimple
 is at the top of a whole hierarchy (if you want visualization
 and analysis) that will include Geant4 itself
 (there is also an Interface package for Geant4).  
  Hope it will help...

    Bon courage.

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