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Re: Warning QT Multithreading crash (Steven Walton)
Date: 03 Mar, 2017
From: Steven Walton <Steven Walton>

I did find a way to get it to run, though not in parallel. If I set the line `runManager -> SetNumberOfThreads(G4Threading::G4GetNumberOfCores());` the program does not set fault.

I did also notice that I had not run `/run/initialize` as I was getting an error about `/run/beamOn 1` not being defined. I had mistakenly assumed this was in the provided code, as it also did run in serial. When fixing both of these, it prevent a crash but only one CPU is running.

In contrast if I make a macro file that has initialize and a few large beamOn commands in them they run fine (visualization is not being created). I see all my CPUs max out here. If I call this macro from the GUI it starts to run but crashes. The tail of the report is

G4WT0 > Thread-local run terminated.
G4WT0 > Run Summary
G4WT0 >   Number of events processed : 131
G4WT7 > User=7.63s Real=5.25s Sys=1.88s G4WT0 > User=7.65s Real=5.27s Sys=1.88s G4WT3 > User=7.66s Real=5.27s Sys=1.88s
G4WT1 > Thread-local run terminated.
G4WT1 > Run Summary
G4WT1 >   Number of events processed : 121
G4WT1 >   User=7.74s Real=5.31s Sys=1.89s
exampleB2a: Fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on X server :0. G4WT2 > ### Run 1 starts on worker thread 2. G4WT3 > ### Run 1 starts on worker thread 3. G4WT1 > ### Run 1 starts on worker thread 1. pure virtual method called terminate called without an active exception Aborted (core dumped)

There is a warning of maxing out the display limit and that it is continuing without visualization. Running the macro from the GUI also DOES NOT cause it to run in parallel. Without remaking the file if I try to repeat this (./exampleB2a and then `/control/execute mytest.mac`) it crashes with the same seg fault and error 11 as in the original post.

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