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None Re: GeantMT crashed after 14 threads 

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Re: None GeantMT crashed after 14 threads (Dongwook Jang)
Re: None Re: GeantMT crashed after 14 threads (Makoto Asai)
Date: 27 Aug, 2012
From: Dongwook Jang <Dongwook Jang>

Dear Makoto,

Thank you for the clear explanation.
I've tried the newly relased version,
geant4_mt_proto.9.5.p01 and tested ParA01 example with 1000 events.
Here is the results:

threads time [s]
1       4542.97
2       2299.20
4       1222.31
8        597.99
16       313.36
32       163.85

So, the new version seems to run fine without crash.
They look also scalable along the number of cores.
Thank you so much.

Dongwook Jang

On Fri, 10 Aug 2012 05:53:45 GMT, Makoto Asai wrote:
> Hi Dongwook,
> We identify a problem in ParA01 example which occasionally causes a seg.
> fault, depending on compiler and also the memory conditions. We believe
> the limitation you observed is not a limitation of Geant4MT itself, but
> due to a bug in ParA01. We will release geant4_mt_proto.9.5.p01 very
> soon, and this problem in ParA01 has been fixed.
> Concerning about scaling, the macro executes only 50 events. To
> observe scaling with large number of threads, you may want to increase
> the number of events.
> Makoto

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