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None MT migration problem 

Forum: Multithreading
Date: 23 Jul, 2015
From: Alex Kav <Alex Kav>

Dear Geant4 experts!

I've made simulation of INS with energy 14 MeV on soil and acquire gamma-spectrum. I've run my simulation in sequential mode and have a gamma spectra. I've tried to migrate my problem in MT mode. I follow the instructions in "Quick migration guide for Geant4 version 10.x series", I run my simulation in MTmode and have:

### Run 0 starts.
G4WT1 > ### Run 0 starts on worker thread 1.
G4WT0 > ### Run 0 starts on worker thread 0.
G4WT3 > ### Run 0 starts on worker thread 3.
G4WT2 > ### Run 0 starts on worker thread 2.
G4WT1 > EventAction: Event # 0started
G4WT1 > EventAction: Event # 1000started
G4WT2 > EventAction: Event # 9000started
G4WT1 > Thread-local run terminated.
G4WT1 > Run Summary
G4WT1 >   Number of events processed : 2800
G4WT1 >   User=12.21s Real=3.21s Sys=0s
G4WT2 > Thread-local run terminated.
G4WT2 > Run Summary
G4WT2 >   Number of events processed : 2000
G4WT2 >   User=12.28s Real=3.24s Sys=0s
G4WT0 > Thread-local run terminated.
G4WT0 > Run Summary
G4WT0 >   Number of events processed : 2500
G4WT0 >   User=12.29s Real=3.24s Sys=0s
G4WT3 > Thread-local run terminated.
G4WT3 > Run Summary
G4WT3 >   Number of events processed : 2700
G4WT3 >   User=12.32s Real=3.27s Sys=0s
 Run terminated.
Run Summary
  Number of events processed : 10000
  User=12.33s Real=3.27s Sys=0s
G4WT1 > ================== Deleting memory pools ===================
G4WT1 > Number of memory pools allocated: 12; of which, static: 0
G4WT3 > There should not be any thread-local G4cout/G4cerr hereafter.
G4 kernel has come to Quit state.
================== Deleting memory pools ===================
Number of memory pools allocated: 3; of which, static: 0
Dynamic pools deleted: 3 / Total memory freed: 0.0029 Mb
RunManagerKernel is deleted. Good bye :)

But in my "Spectrum.csv" I have only zeros instead of number of gammas vs energy. I've used derived class of G4Run to collect the thread-local data like in short guide and examples B1 and B3. Please could you take a look on my, RunAction.hh,, Run.hh and say which correction I need to do to have "Spectrum.csv"?

Thanks in advance



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