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Question ComputeStep warning 

Forum: Multithreading
Date: 24 Sep, 2014
From: Dipanwita Banerjee <Dipanwita Banerjee>

Dear Sir,
         I a running a simulation with 120 GeV electrons in a magnetic field through a fairly simple geometry of G4Box and G4Tubs. I have copies of volumes and daughter volumes but I did a geometry test and there is no overlap in geometry. I am running 10 parallel runs in 10 cores in a 16 core computer. I get this warning

G4Exception : GeomNav1002
      issued by : G4Navigator::ComputeStep()
Track stuck or not moving.
          Track stuck, not moving for 10 steps
          in volume -microbox- at point (7010.6,-137.906,-13.0296)
          direction: (-0.0530034,-0.353837,0.933804).
          Potential geometry or navigation problem !
          Trying pushing it of 1e-07 mm ...Potential overlap in geometry!

after every few millions.... I don't get this warning when I do a single run... The script I use for the multiple runs is:

" nCores=10; nIterations=1; initialIteration=1; simName="Dark_photon_120GeV_15m_micro10cm4_scint_newfield_multitest6";

echo $"Test name: $simName"; echo $"Number of iterations: $nIterations"; echo $"Number of parallel simulations: $nCores"; echo $"Initial iteration number: $initialIteration"; read -p "Press any key to start simulation"

# Copy executable and macro files
mkdir -p ./$simName/temp;
cp ./*.mac ./$simName/;
for ((i=1; i<=nCores; i++));
	mkdir -p ./$simName/temp/sim$i;
	cp ~/Dark_photon/Dark_photon_Micromegas_newfield_Build/exampleN02 $simName/temp/sim$i/;

#Start sequential execution
for ((j=0; j<nIterations; j++));
	# Start parallel execution
	cd ./$simName/temp;
	for ((i=1; i<=nCores; i++));
		cd ./sim$i;
		./exampleN02 ../../*.mac &
		sleep 2;
		cd ../;
	cd ../../;

	# Move results
	mkdir -p $simName/treeFiles;
	mkdir -p $simName/Random;
	for ((i=1; i<=nCores; i++));
		currentIteration=$((i + j*nCores + initialIteration - 1));
		mv ./$simName/temp/sim$i/*.root ./$simName/treeFiles/Results_$currentIteration.root;
		mkdir -p ./$simName/Random/random_$currentIteration
		mv ./$simName/temp/sim$i/random/run* ./$simName/Random/random_$currentIteration/

# Delete temp files rm -rf ./$simName/temp; echo $"Simulation completed!"

# Start analysis
#cd ./$simName;
#mkdir -p ./plots/c++/Energy;
#mkdir -p ./plots/root/Energy;
#mkdir -p ./plots/c++/Time;
#mkdir -p ./plots/root/Time;
#mkdir -p ./plots/c++/Trigger;
#mkdir -p ./plots/root/Trigger;
#mkdir -p ./plots/c++/Position;
#mkdir -p ./plots/root/Position;
#mkdir -p ./plots/c++/EnergyResolution;
#mkdir -p ./plots/root/EnergyResolution;
#mkdir -p ./plots/c++/WrongTiming;
#mkdir -p ./plots/root/WrongTiming;
#mkdir -p ./plots/pdf;
#../analysis/analysis ./treeFiles/*.root


Can you please tell me the reason for this? My run doesn't stop after this warning so does G4 abort this event and restart the event?

Regards, Dipanwita

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