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Code used for the HyperNews dicussion system can be found here. At this time there is only a developmental version, although this is in use for a number of HyperNews sites. It has now become more site independent for use everywhere, and sites should give this a try and contribute to discussion on the HyperNews forums for further improvements. To download just click or shift-click on the download link. (The Linux should recognize and untar the .tgz file. To untar it manually, try 'gzcat file.tgz | gtar xfv -').

HyperNews was first developed at: HyperNews.org, and the original code can still be found there. If you have questions and comments on the development of this code for use at your site, please become a member of the HyperNews Forums and post comments at the forums there.

The following two files are in the top directory of the tar file and they can be previewed here. (1) The installation procedure: INSTALL. (2) The revision history: History.

Package Version Date Download
Developmental version 1.11-slac-101 Jun 20, 2012 hypernews1.11-slac-101.tgz
Developmental version 1.11-slac-100 Jun 19, 2012 hypernews1.11-slac-100.tgz

Comments to: Douglas Smith, douglas@slac.stanford.edu