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Re: None administering threads and messages (Devin Bougie)
Re: None Re: administering threads and messages (Terry Y Hung)
Date: 06 Mar, 2007
From: Devin Bougie <Devin Bougie>

Hi Terry,

On Mar 6, 2007, at 2:03 PM, Terry Hung wrote:
>   The adminstration menu only appears if user logs on to an  
> administrator
> account. Owner of a message, thread, and forum does not have  
> adminstrative
> status as of now. There are some administrative functions for  
> threads and
> messages that will be added to HN, but currently in design they  
> will be
> available to the administrators only.

Many thanks for the reply and help.  My apologies if I'm being dense,  
but something still doesn't seem right.

I am logged in as "ilc-hn" who (I believe) is an Administrator.  For  
example, the "Administration" link to does appear in the  
header bar.  However, I don't see any administration menu when  
appending ?admin to a forum's URL.

Here are some relevant lines from our hnrc file:
$owner_org = 'ilc-hn';
$owner_org_addr = '';
@hnAdmin = ('ilc-hn', 'HNMail');

Here is the .../hnpeople/ilc-hn file:
SessionLength: default
Status: registered
Subscribe: some
UserID: ilc-hn
Hide: Nothing
Password: XCqMC8jbBHNDI
Name: ilc-hn (Owner-HyperNews)

.../hnpeople/.mlist does contain:
HNMail =>
ilc-hn =>

And here is the contents of .../hnpeople/Admin/.mlist
ilc-hn =>

Finally, I've attached the debugLog file I get from appending ?admin  
to the HNTest forum's URL.

Thanks again,

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