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Forum: Hypernews Feedback/Problems
Date: 09 Jan, 2007
From: Terry Y Hung <Terry Y Hung>

Hi Tomasz,

   Congratulations to sorting out the HTTPS problem!

   I took a look at the hnrc you sent to me again, and have some comments on
the following settings:

   1. $mailPrefix = 'hn-racf';             #__ prefix of forum gateway
      $hnsuffix = 'hn-site1';              #__ suffix of forum gateway

      This will turn a forum xxxx to hn-racf-xxxx-hn-site1, which is not
correct. Looking at https:/,
I assume you already changed this to

      $mailPrefix = 'HN-RACF';             #__ the prefix
      $hnsuffix = '';                      #__ no suffix

   2. $hndocs = "/var/www/hnews/hndocs";   #__ path to doc
      $hnJSURL = "$http/hn/<site>/JS";     #__ path to Javascript
      $hniconsURL = "$http/hn/hn/Icons";   #__ path to Icons

      With this configuration at RACF, the settings in httpd.conf should be:

      Alias /hn/<site>/JS /var/www/hnews/hndocs/JS
      Alias /hn/hn/Icons  /var/www/hnews/hndocs/Icons

      Which is not quite right. You may want to consider replacing "<site>" 
with "racf" in 2 places. As to the Icons, I would replace "hn/hn" with
"hn" in two places. But in any case, check that $hniconsURL in hnrc match with
the configuration of Icons in httpd.conf.

   3. You wrote 'After user logs and clicks on the "Add Message" button, 
      he/she is prompted for a User Name and password again, even though but
      he/she already logged in.' This indicates that the token is lost.
      Either the cookie is disabled in the browser or in the "Member Info",
      or HTTPS did not keep the cookie. Could you create an test account 
      (terryh, Terry Hung) for me to test this?


Terry Hung - Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
phone: 650-926-3618
> Hi experts,
> We had a HN problem for past few months, where HN would "forget" the 
> identity of user who logged in. This was recently resolved. The issue 
> turned out to be interaction between HN and www proxy server. Somehow the 
> two would not communicate and the cookies set by HN would travel through 
> proxy only one way, from server to client and not the other way. As a 
> result HN would not recognize authenticated users.
> Having fixed this, we now face a number of smaller issues. I would be 
> grateful if you could help us out with those.
> 1. The web server is rather slow (it takes 10 seconds to load all the 
> icons). I am not sure if this is because our machine is slow, or it is HN 
> problem. Our HN can be seen here:
> 2. The icons in browser (Firefox on a mac, mozilla on linux, firefox on 
> linux are the ones I tested) have the text appear twice with different 
> font sizes. For example I see "Add Message Add Message" in the page 
> The first appears to be just text and the second is an icon containing the 
> same text but in a graphics object.
> 3. After user logs and clicks on the "Add Message" button, he/she is 
> prompted for a User Name and password again, even though but he/she 
> already logged in. Is it the expected behavior?
> -- 
> Tomasz Wlodek                        | tel 631-344-7448
> Brookhaven Laboratory, Building 510M | fax 631-344-7616
> Upton NY 11973-5000                  |

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