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None Re: Still can't get the incoming mail to post 

Forum: Hypernews Feedback/Problems
Date: 02 Nov, 2006
From: Terry Y Hung <Terry Y Hung>

Hi Tom,

   If the e-mail stays in the mail spool, that means the mail alias is
probably not set up properly. Please check the section 5 of INSTALL
(copied below). You can get the MIME::Parser ( mentioned in the
INSTALL file later.


Terry Hung - Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
phone: 650-926-3618

# 5. Setting up the e-mail gateway for a new forum:

    The HyperNews should be up and running now and user can post messages
    with the browser. To allow posting messages through e-mail and allow
    mail distribution, do the following steps in this section.

    # The check list for the e-mail mechanism:

	Check the following items to enable the e-mail mechanism:
	#__ The $allowEmailIn = 1 in hnrc.		     
	#__ The $mail_admin_password in hnrc is not blank. 
	#__ Use "Member List" from the home page to check that the 'HNMail'
	    account has been set up properly.
	#__ ask the system admistrator of your machine to install perl 
	    module MIME::Parser to process e-mails in MIME format.

    # Adding a forum's e-mail gateway to the database:

	The following e-mail gateways for each forum must be added to the
        aliases file ('/usr/lib/aliases' or '.qmail-' or procmail 
	configuration, or similar):

	# To set it up yourself

	    If you are setting the forum's e-mail gateway yourself, add the 
	    following entries to your local mail system's gateway alias file:

	    #__ aliases.hnews:<forum gateway>:
	    #__ aliases.hnews:Owner-<forum gateway>: <owner of HyperNews>
    	    #__ <form gateway>@<pipe server>
    	    #__ pipe_option:<forum gateway>@<pipe server>=<path>/.scripts/ -f /<forum>

	    For example:
	    aliases.hnews:Owner-hn-fusion-Announcement: -f /Announcement

	# To be set up by mail master

	    If the forum's e-mail gateway is to be set up by the mail master of
	    you computer system, first check that the @hnMailAnnounce in hnrc 
	    has been set with the mail masters' names. When the HyperNews
	    administrator runs Admin/ to create a forum, a 
	    request with the forum's e-mail gateway information will be sent
	    to the mail masters listed in @hnMailAnnounce.

    # Completing the e-mail gateway setup:

	Once the new forum's e-mail gateway aliases have been added,
	make the following changes to hndocs/<forum>.html,urc to get this
	forum's e-mail gateway ready:

	#__ ListAddress: <forum gateway>@<server>
	#__ Name: <owner name>  	#___ full name of forum's owner
	#__ From: <uid>   		#__  the UID of forum's owner


> I take back half of my previous mail: messages posted to Test forum are 
> eventually being mailed to user, it just took some time.
> Unfourtunately the other half remains: incoming mail ends in mail spool 
> and then nothing happens, no debug files are printed and no messages get 
> posted anywhere. Looks like the scripts do not do 
> anything.
> BTW I have restarted sendmail and apache. It did not help.
> -- 
> Tomasz Wlodek                        | tel 631-344-7448
> Brookhaven Laboratory, Building 510M | fax 631-344-7616
> Upton NY 11973-5000                  |

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