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None Re: Still can't get the incoming mail to post 

Forum: Hypernews Feedback/Problems
Date: 01 Nov, 2006
From: Terry Y Hung <Terry Y Hung>

Hi Tom,

   The attachment part of your email was encoded by our mail server, 
so I couldn't read them. Could you send it to
one more time. (I saw that you CCed, but 
the perl path was wrong of this web site's previous code so the copy of 
your previous email did not go through.)

   All the 'get' sessions are serving requests for message. If a URL for
the message is wrong then the 'get' script replied with a "... doesn't exist
or is a directory" error message.


Terry Hung - Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
phone: 650-926-3618

>   This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
>   while the remaining parts are likely unreadable without MIME-aware tools.
> ---947760890-1765802450-1162329071=:24070
> Content-Type: TEXT/PLAIN; charset=US-ASCII; format=flowed
> Hi,
> I am still struggling to get the incoming mail to post to the right forum. 
> Right now it seems that mail reaches HN machine and 
> script is invoked, but no mail is posted to the forum.
> I look into the debuging directory and I see that it contains many files 
> with name that ends with *get and some with * end:
> 2006-10-31__15:28:22__190548__get  2006-10-31__15:28:31__452912__get
> 2006-10-31__15:28:23__201241__get  2006-10-31__15:28:31__977311__get
> 2006-10-31__15:28:23__397732__get  2006-10-31__15:28:32__174514__get
> 2006-10-31__15:28:23__401397__get  2006-10-31__15:28:32__181069__get
> 2006-10-31__15:28:23__478895__get  2006-10-31__15:28:32__296330__get
> 2006-10-31__15:28:23__705043__get  2006-10-31__15:28:32__35811__get
> 2006-10-31__15:28:23__981549__get  2006-10-31__15:28:32__541163__get
> 2006-10-31__15:28:24__681660__get  2006-10-31__15:28:32__566961__get
> 2006-10-31__15:28:24__859655__get  2006-10-31__15:28:33__302979__get
> 2006-10-31__15:28:24__996902__get 
> 2006-10-31__15:28:31__120071__get 
> the * filed do not contain any information which I could 
> interpret as a hint about a problem, but at the end of the *get files I 
> see a line:
> [hvlib-27] (get_URL) 
> '/var/www/hnews/hndocs/%3cSCRIPTLANGUAGE=%22JavaScript%22%3e%3c%21--hidethisfunctionhelp%28message%29%7bself.status=message%3breturntrue%3b%7d//stophiding--%3e%3c/SCRIPT%3e' 
> doesn't exist or is a directory<BR>
> Can anyone explain to me what this means?
> I append both types of the log files
> -- 
> Tomasz Wlodek                        | tel 631-344-7448
> Brookhaven Laboratory, Building 510M | fax 631-344-7616
> Upton NY 11973-5000                  |
> ---947760890-1765802450-1162329071=:24070
> Content-Type: TEXT/PLAIN; charset=US-ASCII; name=log1
> Content-Transfer-Encoding: BASE64
> Content-ID: <>
> Content-Description: 
> Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=log1

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