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None Re: How do I use the "Categorized Index"-feature ? 

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Re: None How do I use the "Categorized Index"-feature ? (Jan Schulze)
Date: 13 Apr, 2006
From: Peter Elmer <Peter Elmer>

  Hi Jan,

On Tue, Apr 11, 2006 at 06:57:11AM -0700, Jan Schulze wrote:
> I hope you can help me with my favourite HN-problem. After upgrading zu
> the HN-35-Version, I saw that there's the new feature of a Categorized
> Index. How do I use this feature with my old forums? Is it possible to
> "create" (with the them again WITHOUT overwriting all
> the messages? I a bit afraid of that...

  Sorry for the late response, this got lost in a gazillion mails that 
came while I was travelling...

  From what version of HN were you upgrading? If you were upgrading from
one of the earlier SLAC HyperNews versions, it should be sufficient
to just make sure the $hndocs parameter in the hnrc file points to your
old area and the categorized index page should find the CATEGORY file
and the .html,urc files for the forums.

  Or are you upgrading from some much earlier version of HN? In that
case there are probably two things missing:

  o in the $hndocs area you need a file like:

[hypernews@pcuw01 ~/hndocs]$ cat CATEGORIES 
1 General Discussion
2 Random Conversations

    The first field ("1", "2", whatever you want) is taken as an index
    and all the rest is taken as the name of the category.

  o Then in the .html,urc file for each forum you need to add something

Categories: 1

    to place the forum into a category ("1"="General Discussion" in this 

  All your messages _should_ be fine and you don't need to recreate your
forums. If you are upgrading from a very old HN there is the possibility
that one of the other tags in the .html,urc files has changed, too. (I
vaguely remember noticing this.) But I can probably help you track it
down if what I remember is correct if you provide an example of an
.html,urc file from one of your forums.

  Did you succeed in creating/using the search index and other things
like the "recent postings" page? (Depending on what version you were 
upgrading from, this might not have been there in the earlier version.)

  BTW, out of curiousity where are you running HN? (What institute, 
project, or experiment?)


Peter Elmer     E-mail:      Phone: +41 (22) 767-4644
Address: CERN Division PPE, Bat. 32 2C-14, CH-1211 Geneva 23, Switzerland

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