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None SLAC Hypernews version 1.11-slac-38 now available 

Forum: Hypernews Announcements
Date: 26 Apr, 2006
From: Peter Elmer <Peter Elmer>


  SLAC Hypernews version 1.11-slac-38 is now available from the download page 
of the SLAC HyperNews:

  Relative to version 1.11-slac-37, the following changes were made:

   o A fix for the proper decoding of the "quoted printable" mails (i.e. the
     problem which leads to strange encoded things "=20" in postings from
     certain mailers). 

   o Reorganization of the Categorized Index page to better use the page

   o Reorganization of the Central Subscription page to organize the forums
     list by category (regardless of whether one is subscribed or not) instead
     of the old way (one big group of "subscribed" forums and one big group
     of "not subscribed" forums).

   o A lot of the explanatory text on various pages (clutter for people who
     have used HN) has been moved into a "page help". Clicking on this button
     (located in the upper right hand corner under the navigation bar, if 
     available) should open an inline explanation that you can toggle to 

   o Simplification and reduction of clutter on the "add message" page (the 
     clutter from the emoticons still have to be dealt with). This includes 
     also a "quote previous message" feature and the ability to resize
     the text area (to resize, grab the bar at the bottom of the textarea).
   o The forum menu on the "Recent" page is now only shown if you choose
     "Selected Forums" (reduces the clutter a bit).

   o lots of internal cleanup (which hopefully didn't break anything) and
     other small bug fixes, plus some groundwork has been laid for a
     couple of other requested features which aren't quite done.

  Since I forgot to post here for several smaller update versions, I note

   Version 1.11-slac-37 had the following updates with respect to 1.11-slac-36:

   o Fix for the problem when posting messages with "via email

   o Small changes to allow more installation-specific customization
     of instructions on the login page

   Version 1.11-slac-36 had the following updates with respect to 1.11-slac-35:

   o Increase size of text area to 80 characters when adding a message.
   o Changed the thread control labeling from "Inline:"/"Outline:"
     to "Inline Depth:"/"Outline Depth:" to help (a little bit)
     in clarifying what these are.
   o On categorized index page, change the named anchor to a null string 
     _next_ to the category name instead of the category name itself. This 
     avoids the category names looking like links themselves.
   o Visited links now go dark purple instead of the previous dark gray 
     (which was basically indistinguishable from non-link text)
   o Avoid sending copy to owner of forum for every posting. The owner
     must subscribe explicitly. (Avoids the admin list getting a copy of every
     posting and other related oddities.)
   o Other small text fixes.

  See the History file for more details. If you note any problems or have 
feedback (positive or negative!) on the changes, please post to the 
HyperNews Feedback forum:

rather than reply to this posting.


Peter Elmer     E-mail:      Phone: +41 (22) 767-4644
Address: CERN Division PPE, Bat. 32 2C-14, CH-1211 Geneva 23, Switzerland

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