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None SLAC Hypernews version 1.11-slac-34 now available 

Forum: Hypernews Announcements
Date: 15 Jan, 2006
From: Peter Elmer <Peter Elmer>

  Hi All,

  SLAC Hypernews version 1.11-slac-34 is now available from the download page 
of the SLAC HyperNews:

  I neglected to announce some number of new versions after 1.11-slac-28, so 
here is an attempt to summarize those:

  Between 1.11-slac-34 and 1.11-slac-33:

    o Fixes to the page (including increasing the maximum 
      number of members displayed to 500, with 50/page)
    o Changes to style sheet so that visited message links change color
    o Made message ordering on "recent" page match that selected for the
      forum pages ("most recent to oldest" or "oldest to most recent")
    o Changed "Newsgroups" header to "X-Hn-Forum" to avoid problems with
      certain MUA's (e.g. Outlook, Mozilla) when "reply-all" is selected
    o misc. small fixes

  Between 1.11-slac-33 and 1.11-slac-32:

    o Changes to save hnrc files when running
    o misc. small fixes

  Between 1.11-slac-32 and 1.11-slac-31:

    o reorganize hnrc file to make it clearer which options are most
    o updates to default values in hnrc
    o debugging improvements
    o misc. small fixes

  Between 1.11-slac-31 and 1.11-slac-30:

    o debugging improvements
    o update to use MIME::Parser perl module to strip off attachments
    o misc. small fixes

  Between 1.11-slac-30 and 1.11-slac-29:

    o Updates to site specific printout on page
    o Allowing emailing of passwords when updating to be turned off (via 
      $emailPasswords in hnrc file)
    o misc. small fixes

  Between 1.11-slac-29 and 1.11-slac-28:

    o Include "https" in the list of things made into links in messages
    o misc. small fixes

  See the History file for more details.


Peter Elmer     E-mail:      Phone: +41 (22) 767-4644
Address: CERN Division PPE, Bat. 32 2C-14, CH-1211 Geneva 23, Switzerland

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