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Welcome to the GEANT4 at hypernews.slac.stanford.edu HyperNews.

HyperNews is a discussion management system providing both the functionality of mailing list systems as well as the web interface of web forums. Discussions are organized into forums and, depending on the configuration, each forum may have an email gateway.

If you are not already a member, you are encouraged to create a membership (see New Member). Depending on the access settings of this site, you may or may not need to do that in order to access the forum lists.

This site uses the SLAC HyperNews system, version 1.11-slac-98. See the SLAC HyperNews webpage or the original HyperNews.org webpage for lists of forums at other HyperNews sites.

Email CHEE@SLAC.Stanford.EDU if you have problems using this HyperNews site. You are welcome to try out HyperNews on the Test Forum.

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HyperNews (HN) is a discussion management system, which bridges the use of e-mail and forums. E-mail and forums corresponds to the "push" and "pull" modes of HN, respectively: The user may subscribe to forums to be informed by e-mail or look at the forums of his choice via the web interface. He may reply by e-mail or through the web interface. Most users work in a mixture of "push" and "pull" mode, subscribing to the Forums, which are close to their work and checking regularly recent postings for other Forums. But you may as well work in "pull" mode only, e.g. checking daily the postings of the last day to keep informed of ongoing announcements and discussions.

Each Forum may be associated to a mail gate. This depends on the installation. At CERN SIMBA2 lists are used with addresses like hn-atlas-<forumName>@cern.ch or hn-cms-<forumName>@cern.ch. To avoid spam, do not list this address explicitely on a public web page, point instead to the Forum address e.g. HyperNews Feedback Forum. If you have to use the email address in a web page, use only the "disguised" form, e.g. hn-atlas-Xxx@cernNOSPAM.ch, where Xxx is specific to the Forum.

Discussions are grouped into Forums and threads, and Forums are in turn grouped into Categories. A search engine allows search at different levels, e.g. using the Forum Title or the content of the postings.

Each Forum and each posting corresponds to a URL; use this URL for refering to a Forum or posting. More details on HN can be found in Section "See also".

Register on HyperNews

Registration (or sign-in) to HyperNews has to be done only once. The procedure depends on your installation; consult the site and experiment specific page New Member from the header navigation bar.

HyperNews services

All HN services are accessible from the header navigation bar. They are listed below together with short descriptions. Longer explanations may be found on the service's "Help Page"; clicking on the help box under the page's navigation bar, help is provided in a collapsable window.

List of services

More details on selected items follow.

Subscription to Forums and (sub-)Threads

You can either subscribe to a Forum, ie to all of its postings or you can subscribe to individual posting threads or threads starting from a certain message onwards. The latter is called "subthread subscription" or "notify", which is whether or not you are emailed when someone posts a reply to one of your messages. It is possible for other members to add themselves to this "notify" list for any particular message.

You subscribe to a Forum on the central "Subscribe to Forums" page.

Subthread subscription cannot be done there. Go to the page for the desired message and subscribe there.


At present attachments to postings are under test and should become available soon (Nov 2006). The recommendation is, to make use of HN attachments only if other applications are not appropriate: use instead CDS for permanent and longer documents, use the agenda system (indico) for material related to meetings and use the TWiki for collaborative writing of documents.

Selecting several items from a menu

If you are selecting items from a menu and want to select more than one which are perhaps non-adjacent in the menu, there is often a key combination for the browser that allows you to do this, e.g. ctrl-click (on linux, X11) or option-click (on MacOSX). Shift-click typically allows you to select adjacent ranges of items from the menu. The exact keys may depend on the browser and operating system.

Testing HN

For tests of HN there is a special Forum, the " HyperNews Test Forum" (Category HyperNews). Use only this Forum if you want to try out some features. From time to time all postings in this Forum will be deleted.

Report problems or suggest improvements

If you have a problem with any aspect of HyperNews, please add a posting to the Forum HyperNews Feedback, or contact the HN administrators. Please specify which browser/version you are using and on which system.

Before sending a problem report or suggesting improvements you may want to check the List of known HN problems and tasks.

See also

This site runs SLAC HyperNews version 1.11-slac-98, derived from the original HyperNews