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* Fields: Magnetic and Otherwise (0.2 days) (add)
EM fields, particle propagation
* Particles (1.1 days) (add)
Particle definitions, dynamics
* Biasing and Scoring (2.4 days) (add)
Biasing and Scoring
* Installation and Configuration (5.2 days) (add)
Installation of G4 toolkit
* Processes Involving Optical Photons (7.9 days) (add)
Processes Involving Optical Photons
* Geometry (8.6 days) (add)
Geometry solids, logical, physical volumes
* Physics List (10.4 days) (add)
Physics lists based on use-cases
* Visualization (11.4 days) (add)
Visualization drivers, commands, attributes
* Electromagnetic Processes (14.1 days) (add)
EM, photons, charged particles
* Event and Track Management (15.9 days) (add)
Steps, tracks, events and management
* Hadronic Processes (21.1 days) (add)
Hadronic, cross sections, interactions
* Educational Applications (22.5 days) (add)
Use of Geant4 in educational applications
* Hits, Digitization and Pileup (23.6 days) (add)
Hit properties, sensitive detectors, digitization and pileup
* (Graphical) User Interfaces (25.2 days) (add)
Interfaces, GUIs, messengers
* Run Management (30.5 days) (add)
Run manager, organization
* Space Applications (31.8 days) (add)
Space Applications
* Medical Applications (33.4 days) (add)
Medical Applications
* Industrial instruments (38.1 days) (add)
Use of GEANT for modelling industrial / process control instruments
* Analysis (62.0 days) (add)
Interfaces to analysis packages
* Documentation and Examples (72.3 days) (add)
Toolkit documentation, user examples
* Multithreading (72.5 days) (add)
Discussion of Use and Implementation of Multithreaded Geant4
* DNA/Very Low Energy (75.1 days) (add)
Discussion of DNA and very low energy extensions
* Persistency (196.4 days) (add)
Object persistency, databases
* Fast Simulation, Transportation & Others (213.4 days) (add)
Fast simulation, paramterization, transportation, other physics topics
* Hypernews Testing (338.1 days) (add)
A forum for testing postings to Hypernews
* User Requirements (823.2 days) (add)
G4 capabilities definition
* (999.9 days) (add)
* HyperNews System Announcements (999.9 days) (add)
Announcements and discussion regarding the HyperNews system
* (999.9 days) (add)
A forum to discuss problems and solutions for materials, elements, and isotopes.
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