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Re: Question How to simulate GCR spectra (aimsphere)
Date: 25 Jun, 2012
From: Hugh Evans <Hugh Evans>

You can set up multiple sources using the GPS. An example of multiple sources is here

An example from the MC-SCREAM module on SPENVIS is as follows, which combines the Trapped proton, trapped electron and solar proton particle spectra into a single macro file with 3 separate sources. You will also have to establish the geometry for each of the sources (with Mulassis, this is built in using the /geometry/setGPSsource macro command.

Note, the use of the /gps/source/intensity and /analysis/normalise to correctly normalise the outputs.


# =============================
# SPENVIS particle source
# Particle type: trapped protons
# =============================
/gps/particle proton
/gps/ene/type Arb
/gps/ene/diffspec true
/gps/hist/type arb
/gps/ene/min    1.000E-01 MeV
/gps/ene/max    4.000E+02 MeV
/gps/source/intensity    9.664E+11
/gps/hist/point    1.000E-01    5.729E+04
/gps/hist/point    1.500E-01    4.074E+04
/gps/hist/point    2.000E-01    2.705E+04
/gps/hist/point    3.000E-01    1.256E+04
/gps/hist/point    4.000E-01    6.622E+03
/gps/hist/point    5.000E-01    3.560E+03
/gps/hist/point    6.000E-01    2.167E+03
/gps/hist/point    7.000E-01    1.370E+03
/gps/hist/point    1.000E+00    5.976E+02
/gps/hist/point    1.500E+00    1.887E+02
/gps/hist/point    2.000E+00    9.714E+01
/gps/hist/point    3.000E+00    3.763E+01
/gps/hist/point    4.000E+00    2.164E+01
/gps/hist/point    5.000E+00    1.388E+01
/gps/hist/point    6.000E+00    1.068E+01
/gps/hist/point    7.000E+00    8.528E+00
/gps/hist/point    1.000E+01    5.312E+00
/gps/hist/point    1.500E+01    2.775E+00
/gps/hist/point    2.000E+01    1.945E+00
/gps/hist/point    3.000E+01    1.273E+00
/gps/hist/point    4.000E+01    1.053E+00
/gps/hist/point    5.000E+01    9.199E-01
/gps/hist/point    6.000E+01    8.260E-01
/gps/hist/point    7.000E+01    7.684E-01
/gps/hist/point    1.000E+02    5.931E-01
/gps/hist/point    1.500E+02    3.748E-01
/gps/hist/point    2.000E+02    2.325E-01
/gps/hist/point    3.000E+02    9.639E-02
/gps/hist/point    4.000E+02    8.389E-03

/gps/hist/inter Lin

/gps/ang/type cos
/gps/ang/mintheta 0.0E+00 deg
/gps/ang/maxtheta 9.0E+01 deg

# =============================
# SPENVIS particle source
# Particle type: trapped electrons
# =============================
/gps/source/add 1
/gps/particle e-
/gps/ene/type Arb
/gps/ene/diffspec true
/gps/hist/type arb
/gps/ene/min    4.000E-02 MeV
/gps/ene/max    6.500E+00 MeV
/gps/source/intensity    3.289E+13
/gps/hist/point    4.000E-02    2.041E+06
/gps/hist/point    1.000E-01    1.496E+06
/gps/hist/point    2.000E-01    6.885E+05
/gps/hist/point    3.000E-01    2.358E+05
/gps/hist/point    4.000E-01    1.071E+05
/gps/hist/point    5.000E-01    5.581E+04
/gps/hist/point    6.000E-01    2.891E+04
/gps/hist/point    7.000E-01    1.983E+04
/gps/hist/point    8.000E-01    1.356E+04
/gps/hist/point    1.000E+00    7.708E+03
/gps/hist/point    1.250E+00    4.452E+03
/gps/hist/point    1.500E+00    2.688E+03
/gps/hist/point    1.750E+00    1.633E+03
/gps/hist/point    2.000E+00    1.065E+03
/gps/hist/point    2.250E+00    6.980E+02
/gps/hist/point    2.500E+00    4.949E+02
/gps/hist/point    2.750E+00    3.438E+02
/gps/hist/point    3.000E+00    2.088E+02
/gps/hist/point    3.250E+00    1.314E+02
/gps/hist/point    3.500E+00    8.486E+01
/gps/hist/point    3.750E+00    5.703E+01
/gps/hist/point    4.000E+00    3.705E+01
/gps/hist/point    4.250E+00    2.440E+01
/gps/hist/point    4.500E+00    1.440E+01
/gps/hist/point    4.750E+00    8.574E+00
/gps/hist/point    5.000E+00    4.909E+00
/gps/hist/point    5.500E+00    1.777E+00
/gps/hist/point    6.000E+00    4.156E-01
/gps/hist/point    6.500E+00    6.083E-02

/gps/hist/inter Lin

/gps/ang/type cos
/gps/ang/mintheta 0.0E+00 deg
/gps/ang/maxtheta 9.0E+01 deg

# =============================
# SPENVIS particle source
# Particle type: solar proton
# =============================
/gps/source/add 1
/gps/particle proton
/gps/ene/type Arb
/gps/ene/diffspec true
/gps/hist/type arb
/gps/ene/min    1.000E-01 MeV
/gps/ene/max    5.000E+02 MeV
/gps/source/intensity    1.828E+10
/gps/hist/point    1.000E-01    1.250E+11
/gps/hist/point    1.100E-01    1.177E+11
/gps/hist/point    1.200E-01    1.110E+11
/gps/hist/point    1.400E-01    9.980E+10
/gps/hist/point    1.600E-01    9.069E+10
/gps/hist/point    1.800E-01    8.322E+10
/gps/hist/point    2.000E-01    7.696E+10
/gps/hist/point    2.200E-01    7.169E+10
/gps/hist/point    2.500E-01    6.505E+10
/gps/hist/point    2.800E-01    5.955E+10
/gps/hist/point    3.200E-01    5.350E+10
/gps/hist/point    3.500E-01    4.973E+10
/gps/hist/point    4.000E-01    4.453E+10
/gps/hist/point    4.500E-01    4.024E+10
/gps/hist/point    5.000E-01    3.667E+10
/gps/hist/point    5.500E-01    3.370E+10
/gps/hist/point    6.300E-01    2.978E+10
/gps/hist/point    7.100E-01    2.658E+10
/gps/hist/point    8.000E-01    2.367E+10
/gps/hist/point    9.000E-01    2.102E+10
/gps/hist/point    1.000E+00    1.885E+10
/gps/hist/point    1.100E+00    1.703E+10
/gps/hist/point    1.200E+00    1.552E+10
/gps/hist/point    1.400E+00    1.310E+10
/gps/hist/point    1.600E+00    1.119E+10
/gps/hist/point    1.800E+00    9.692E+09
/gps/hist/point    2.000E+00    8.488E+09
/gps/hist/point    2.200E+00    7.513E+09
/gps/hist/point    2.500E+00    6.343E+09
/gps/hist/point    2.800E+00    5.423E+09
/gps/hist/point    3.200E+00    4.467E+09
/gps/hist/point    3.500E+00    3.906E+09
/gps/hist/point    4.000E+00    2.835E+09
/gps/hist/point    4.500E+00    2.019E+09
/gps/hist/point    5.000E+00    1.743E+09
/gps/hist/point    5.500E+00    1.523E+09
/gps/hist/point    6.300E+00    1.247E+09
/gps/hist/point    7.100E+00    1.035E+09
/gps/hist/point    8.000E+00    8.539E+08
/gps/hist/point    9.000E+00    6.997E+08
/gps/hist/point    1.000E+01    4.989E+08
/gps/hist/point    1.100E+01    3.430E+08
/gps/hist/point    1.200E+01    3.036E+08
/gps/hist/point    1.400E+01    2.424E+08
/gps/hist/point    1.600E+01    1.962E+08
/gps/hist/point    1.800E+01    1.616E+08
/gps/hist/point    2.000E+01    1.349E+08
/gps/hist/point    2.200E+01    1.142E+08
/gps/hist/point    2.500E+01    9.051E+07
/gps/hist/point    2.800E+01    6.820E+07
/gps/hist/point    3.200E+01    4.121E+07
/gps/hist/point    3.500E+01    3.112E+07
/gps/hist/point    4.000E+01    2.539E+07
/gps/hist/point    4.500E+01    2.096E+07
/gps/hist/point    5.000E+01    1.754E+07
/gps/hist/point    5.500E+01    1.489E+07
/gps/hist/point    6.300E+01    1.166E+07
/gps/hist/point    7.100E+01    9.265E+06
/gps/hist/point    8.000E+01    7.293E+06
/gps/hist/point    9.000E+01    5.683E+06
/gps/hist/point    1.000E+02    4.493E+06
/gps/hist/point    1.100E+02    3.599E+06
/gps/hist/point    1.200E+02    2.937E+06
/gps/hist/point    1.400E+02    2.008E+06
/gps/hist/point    1.600E+02    1.393E+06
/gps/hist/point    1.800E+02    1.005E+06
/gps/hist/point    2.000E+02    7.394E+05
/gps/hist/point    2.200E+02    5.536E+05
/gps/hist/point    2.500E+02    3.701E+05
/gps/hist/point    2.800E+02    2.512E+05
/gps/hist/point    3.200E+02    1.515E+05
/gps/hist/point    3.500E+02    1.057E+05
/gps/hist/point    4.000E+02    6.074E+04
/gps/hist/point    4.500E+02    3.483E+04
/gps/hist/point    5.000E+02    1.596E+04

/gps/hist/inter Lin

/gps/ang/type cos
/gps/ang/mintheta 0.0E+00 deg
/gps/ang/maxtheta 9.0E+01 deg

/analysis/normalise    3.388E+13 cm2

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