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Question Normalization way for a generating sphere 

Forum: Space Applications
Date: 20 Mar, 2014
From: Manuel Castro Avila <Manuel Castro Avila>

Hello everyone,

I am trying to normalize a counting rate in my simulation. I want to put it in units of counts cm^{-2} s^{-1} kev{-1}

In my simulation I am considering the input spectrum from the SPENVIS system (SPENVIS give me the spectrum in units of particles cm{-2} s^{-1} MeV{-1},
 I am considering the background produced by trapped protons and implemented into GEANT4 via /gps/hist/point).

So, using the input spectrum, I am generating a number N of events from a sphere's surface that hit a circular area of radius r. This circular area represents my detector.

Now, to normalize I proceed on this way:

-From the simulation I get the energy deposited for each event in my detector. Using these values I build a histogram in the energy range I am considering and I get a spectrum in Counts keV^{-1}. Am I right?
-Now, integrating (numerically) the spectrum from SPENVIS in the energy range, I have a flux in particles cm{-2} s{-1} in that energy range and using the geometrical factor
  (for a generating sphere is 2*pi*Acirc, where Acirc is the detector's area), I can calculate what is the integration time corresponding with the number N of events I am considering. Now dividied by
  a integration time I have the spectrum in counts kev{-1} s{-1}.
-Finally, as I know the area of my detector, dividing the previous result by the detector's area I have a spectrum in counts cm{-1} s{-1} kev{-1}.

My question is, am I proceeding on the right way?

Any idea..



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