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Question Neutron reactions with enriched germanium 

Forum: Hadronic Processes
Date: 03 Sep, 2002
From: Christian Doerr <Christian Doerr>

Hello again,

I have a problem using the HPNeutron and IsotopeProduction
classes with enriched germanium. 
I used the following definition for germanium:

   // isotopes of germanium
  G4Isotope* Ge70 = new G4Isotope(matName="Ge70", iz=32, n=38,
  G4Isotope* Ge72 = new G4Isotope(matName="Ge72", iz=32, n=40,
  G4Isotope* Ge73 = new G4Isotope(matName="Ge73", iz=32, n=41,
  G4Isotope* Ge74 = new G4Isotope(matName="Ge74", iz=32, n=42,
atom  =73.92*g/mole);
  G4Isotope* Ge76 = new G4Isotope(matName="Ge76", iz=32, n=44,

  G4Element* elGeEnr  = new G4Element(matName="enrichedGermanium",
                                   symbol="Ge", ncomponents=5);
  elGeEnr->AddIsotope(Ge70, abundance= 0.0*perCent);
  elGeEnr->AddIsotope(Ge72, abundance= 0.1*perCent);
  elGeEnr->AddIsotope(Ge73, abundance= 0.2*perCent);
  elGeEnr->AddIsotope(Ge74, abundance= 13.1*perCent);
  elGeEnr->AddIsotope(Ge76, abundance= 86.6*perCent);
and then started a run with 10e7 neutron with energies between 
50 and 100 MeV. The result was a long list of isotopes from Cu,Pb,Fe,.... but not a single one from Ge. 
Also the energy spectrum looked nice - lots of Cu(n,n') and F(n,n') peaks. But again - nothing to be seen from Ge.

Then I changed the definition of germanium to

 atom = 72.64*g/mole;
 G4Element *elGeEnr = new G4Element(matName = 

and repeated the run. In that case a lot of isotopes were produced
from Ge and also the energy spectrum looked completely different
due to inelastic processes in the Ge itself.

So my question: Is there any known problem when using G4Isotopes
together with the neutron reaction data?!?

What can I do about it?

I tried to delete all files named "32_nat_Germanium"
from the G4NDL3.7 directory in order to force the use
of isotope data, but then program exited with 
a segmentation fault... :( 

Thanks indeed for any suggestions!!

Many greetings

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